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  • Live Volcano |Erta Ale

Active Volcano

9 Days and 7 Nights

As the sun goes down you will start the 3-hour hike up to the crater rim of the Erta Ale volcano. The hike may be done by camel or on foot. At the top you will descend into the caldera and proceed to the crater’s edge.

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  • Colorfull viewing|Dallol

The Hotest Place on the Earth

7 Days and 6 Nights

Dallol, which at 116m below sea level is the lowest point on the African continent. Admire the stunning landscape, the ground many shades of red, yellow and orange from the hot water, acids and minerals spurting up from the ground.

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  • Panoramic View|Bale Np.

Short Danakil Depression Tour

3 Days and 2 Nights

Lake Asale, which is the salt lake from which the Afar nomads extract salt. You will witness (and even try) their laborious task of removing salt from the ground as hundreds of camels relax before the long trek back to Mekele.

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