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Western Ethiopia Touristic Attraction


Western Ethiopia

Coffee Plantation
Coffee lovers will love this place and it should be possible to arrange a tour of the plantation by requesting through the Coffee Plantation Development Enterprise in Addis Ababa or at the plantation itself, close t…

Bebeka Coffee Plantation
The 93-sq-km Bebeka Coffee Plantation, 28km southwest of Mizan Tefari (an hour’s drive), is Ethiopia’s largest and oldest coffee farm. There are no longer any official tours, but you may be able to wrangle a letter …

Anuak Market
In Gambela's north is the Anuak market. Vendors sit in the shade of the trees selling cereals, firewood, large Nile perch and tobacco. To pass the time, many indulge in akowyo (water-pipe) smoking. You can taste the…

Kafa Coffee Museum

Ethiopia's first coffee museum sits in the heart of coffee country, and is part of the Kafa Biosphere Reserve. It provides an overview of the history of coffee with a focus on Ethiopian production, as well as some a…

New Land (Nuer Villages)
The Nuer villages on the outskirts of Gambela, known collectively as New Land, are the easiest to get to, and can give a wonderful insight into the lives of the local people.

Gambela National Park
Gambela National Park is Ethiopia's greatest wildlife show-in-waiting, and being difficult to get to doesn't change that. Gibe Sheleko National Park Gazetted in 2011, the Gibe Sheleko National Park covers 360 sq km of upland plateau, parts of the Gibe River gorge area and patches of endemic forest.

Menagesha National Forest
One of the prettiest stands of forest in Western Ethiopia, Menagesha National Forest is an easy day trip from Addis. Almost a dozen trails (up to 9km in length) meander through the forest.

River Waterfalls
A worthwhile excursion from Metu is to the 20m-high Sor River Waterfalls, one of the most beautiful falls in Ethiopia. It lies close to the village of Bechu, 13km southeast of Metu.

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